Our Mission

Our mission is to foster achievement for students by realistic, innovative, and research-based approaches for the California communities. Our broad assortment of programs helps us to address some of the disparities that are inherent in existing education systems. We provide appropriate guidance to best facilitate academic, behavioral and social success for all children.

Helping Parents Take Responsible Decisions on Matters of Education

Our Educational Consulting Services offer guidance to parents in order to address the gaps between the needs of the child and the support programs of the school. The Special Education Consultants will assist and direct families to advocate for the care their child necessities and educate them across the maze of complex legalities, terms and communities that are encountered in their child's cycle of obtaining facilities and learning resources.

Children's parents often find their education programs ill-equipped to offer the special services their children need. Our expert consultants can help promote smooth and effective adjustments by partnering with parents and schools to bring accurate, responsive and meaningful support strategies in place.

Creating Partnerships with Schools and Teachers

Learning curricula and services are evolving more than ever. Our staff has common core expertise, evidence-based reading curriculum and assessment, standardized learning style, intervention, integrated behavioral strategies, and a will work with school districts to build positive outcomes for children, educators and for California Special Education guidelines overall.

Shift can be challenging; our Special Education Therapists and Consultants will partner up with local teachers to help promote sustainable transformation and match the school with best practices focused on research and empathy.


IEP Consulting Service

Our team consists of certified IEP consultants who are determined to help families of children with special needs and advocate for their child with their school district, through the Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Our aim is to assist families get to a school place where they're perfectly content with all IEP elements including placement, accommodation, objectives, and so on. Our IEP consultants facilitate you in organizing and attending IEP meetings with you to ensure that your questions are not only discussed and acknowledged, but are answered.

IEP Advocacy and Assistance

Are you concerned you require special education services for your child? Is your child already in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) but your instincts warn you something is wrong? Do you believe the IEP Committee is not communicating well? Let our Special Education Consultants help you understand and advocate for you in special education laws, assessment plans in IEPs.

When you no longer want to feel isolated at the next IEP meeting, school meeting or general session, let us assist you in the next appointment with consultants. Our Online Education Consultant can also accompany you to your next meeting via video conference if it is not physically possible to attend it.

My Mission

To assist families passionately
and fairly navigate the educational process
ensuring a positive outcome for
their child

Why Choose Us?

Special Education Therapists for Children

We work primarily with young people, from kids to teens and their families. We are focused on helping the young learners not only conquer personal struggles and obstacles but also explore how to reach their full potential.

Providing California Special Education Services

Our child development, learning and education professionals have training and work experience in educational settings. Not only can we help with the pressing concerns your child has to face, we can also help you navigate the school system to produce the best results for your child.

Promise Confidentiality

You might also have strong reservations about how unbiased or confidential the organization is, especially if your child needs assistance with things that may be sensitive to the school. We maintain discretion in all of our matters, however.

Advocacy and IEP Support

Our IEP consultants and advocates will represent the interests of children throughout school who are receiving or applying for special education or 504 supports.


A&E consultancy services provided my son with adequate academic support and were a great help. They were able to suggest schools that would accommodate him. They have always advocated for him and in the process have been very compassionate and helpful, keeping him on track throughout and ensuring that aspect has been taken care of.

-Zora Damon

A&E consultancy not only collaborated on curriculum content with us, but also helped us understand how to use educators as learning resources. Their team consists of knowledgeable and professional educational therapists who are genuinely committed to their clients' wellbeing. The consultants have a extensive experience (and comprehensive education), which offers technical expertise that support children with special educational needs.

Frank Marshal

A&E consultancy provides an excellent service for both the school and the parents, and is dedicated to helping strengthen the academic success of the pupils. They are always updated with the latest research in their field and are keen to provide in-depth feedback to staff and parents, both verbally and through their formal assessments, which means we can implement the best plan to support school pupils.

-Rita Thomas